Insulin is not the solution but the problem - GET OFF INSULIN MATE

India has more diabetes patients than any other country in the world and hence it is no surprise that India will soon become the diabetes capital of the world. However, if there is a problem there is a solution, it is just that it needs to be tackled in a scientific manner by an experienced and focussed doctor. Today we bring to you one such doctor who is focussed in treatment of diabetes and kidney related diseases that arise due to diabetes.



Dr Narendra Gupta is one of the most experienced and decorated diabetologist and nephrologist in India. Currently he is heading the Diabetes and Kidney Clinic at GNH Hospitals, Gurgaon, India. Dr Gupta has an experience of more than 40 years working in US. He has a fan following in more than 100 countries across the globe. Dr Gupta specializes in treating patient suffering from diabetes or high blood sugar levels and getting them OFF INSULIN.

Corr: Welcome Dr Gupta and it is our pleasure talking to you today on one of the most common disease i.e. diabetes.

Dr Narendra Gupta: Thanks for inviting me to discuss on the topic.

Corr: First of all we would like to understand what is diabetes and what is the difference between type I and type II diabetes?

Dr Narendra Gupta: As you all know there are two types of diabetes. Type I diabetes, where there is total absence of Insulin production. Insulin is the key to their survival and patient will get very sick within days if they do not get insulin. On the other hand type II diabetes is an insulin resistant state with the production of insulin eventually fails to produce more, in the presence of resistance to insulin action. The blood sugar goes up about 15 to 18 years after the problem has started. Blood sugar elevation is a very late phenomenon.

Corr: What are the current line of treatment that is being followed in India for the treatment of diabetes?

Dr Narendra Gupta: It has become fashionable by doctors to give glucose reducing medicines, because we are myopically looking at the elevated blood sugar. It is common for primary care physicians to give Sulfonylurea class of drugs and try to control blood sugar.

Corr: Is there any side effects of this treatment that is followed these days?

Dr Narendra Gupta: Almost all patients will gain weight and the medication dose will have to be increased to control sugar and eventually when they fail, patients will be started on insulin. If you happen to go to an Endocrinologist he is more than happy to start you on insulin because it is all about sugar control. They have treated type I diabetes this way, for years and find their comfort zone.

Corr: Is there a better line of treatment as per you?

Dr Narendra Gupta: Definitely there is a far better way and that is to fix the insulin resistance which is the fundamental problem. We have very good insulin sensitizers in metformine, Thiazolidinedion (Pioz) ,  DPP-4 inhibitors. These medicines not only work to reduce blood sugar but reverses some of the other important issues in type II diabetes. The Pancreas can be made alive again with Beta cell re-granulation occurs. Once we deal with this fundamental problem the need for Sulfonylurea and insulin progressively decreases as the blood sugar drop, to the extent that they can be stopped and life becomes stable and weight loss occurs. Patients no longer feel tired, fatigued, total lack of energy and a constant hunger which is the hallmark of type II diabetes.

What is very important to realize that type II diabetes is a complex metabolic disease where diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol co-exist. Insulin at high levels in circulations promotes the high blood pressure and is a stimulant for the atherosclerosis which is the “Silent Killer” in type II diabetes.

Corr: Can I take the liberty of saying that there is hope for the diabetes patients for a better life?

Dr Narendra Gupta: Yes, why not!! I am sure that patient suffering from diabetes can not only do well with sugar control but also reduce significantly the other problems that kills in diabetes. Insulin is not the solution but the problem. It is this high levels of insulin that promotes PCOS in young women. This leads to menstrual abnormalities, infertility, obesity, excessive hair growth and acne. All of these are reversible in 6-9 months. I have results to prove them and have done so during my entire career.


We at GNH take a lot of pride in disease progression prevention and reversal of the damaging effects of these problems. This is the reason we have a very specialized "Preventive Health Programme" running under the name of Executive Health Lounge at GNH Hospitals, Gurgaon.

Corr. Thanks a lot Dr Gupta for motivating people suffering from diabetes and telling them how they can get rid of insulin dependence.

GNH Hospital is located in Sector 14 Gurgaon on main MG Road. Hospital is a multi-speciality corporate hospital equipped with all the facilities from X-ray to MRI and state of the art facilities. For appointment with Dr Narendra Gupta you can call at +91-124-4827000 / 8800188334-336.

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