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Dr Jagmeet S Soin Best Cardiologist in India                            Dr Tapan Ghose Best Cardiologist in Gurgaon India
Dr Jagmeet S Soin
and Dr Tapan Ghose can be considered as the two best cardiologists in India in the fields of Non Interventional Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology respectively. Dr. Jagmeet S Soin is US Board Certified and spent almost 50 years in the US before returning to India while Dr Tapan Ghose has spent more than 15 years doing more than 10000 procedures

 The field of Cardiology has been growing in leaps and bounds in the last 3 decades in India. Today Cath Labs and Cardiologists are available even in small towns. Stenting is now a well established procedure and is almost 100% safe. Allegations are also routinely made about unnecessary cardiac stenting. When a patient is rushed to the emergency with severe chest pain and the electrocardiogram shows some problem with the heart, a common blood test called Trop-T test is carried out. If this test is positive the patient is taken to the cathlab for doing Coronary Angiogram. If this test reveals blockages in the arteries then Primary Angioplasty is advised which costs around Rs. 80-100 thousand plus the cost of the stent which itself is around 1-1.2 lacs per stent. The patient's family is supposed to decide within minutes whether they want to go ahead with the procedure while the patient remains in the Cath Lab. 

It is here that patient's relative allege that they are in no position to decide whether the procedure is required or not and they cannot even take second opinion. Invariably most the patient's who report with Heart Attack to any hospital undergo Angioplasty procedure. Most of the people keep searching who is the best cardiologist who would give them the right advice. Dr. Jagmeet Soin graduated from AIIMS in 1967 and went to John Hopkins in United States for specialization. He practiced Non Interventional Cardiology in US for close to 45 years before returning to India to set up GNH Hospital at Gurgaon which specializes in Cardiology and all other medical and surgical branches. Dr Tapan Ghose is the Director of Interventional Cardiology at GNH Hospital and Paras Hospital, Gurgaon. He specializes in Radial approach for both Angiography and Angioplasty which reduces the hospital stay from 3 days to just one day and the patient is back to work in just 3 days time. The patients who are scared of intervention or surgery are being managed by the team of Dr. Jagmeet Soin and Dr Tapan Ghose through correct medication, proper low fat diet and regular exercise. 

Under a unique programme called `Caring for Seniors' GNH Hospital has started an initiative of preventive healthcare with the objective of lowering the healthcare spend of the senior citizens to just half by keeping them fit and controlling the diseases at an early stage.


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