The Burden of Lifestyle Diseases

Staying Fit with Rehab Train at GNH HospitalLifestyle Diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Heart and Kidney Disease are now being seen amongst the Indian population at a much earlier age than it was 3 decades age. The last decade of the previous century was the turning point in terms of Indian economy getting liberalized and getting integrated with the world economy

Early 1990s saw the Liberalization of the Indian Economy and large multinationals reaching Indian shores to setup shop. Glitzy office buildings started coming all over cities like Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida. In a country where the students would aim for a career of either Doctor, Engineer or Civil Servant, suddenly doing MBA became the new fad. A large number of jobs were being created in the private sector. Long working hours did not seem a problem in excellent Airconditioned plush offices. Computers made their way to every working desk and mobile phone was the most desired asset for acquisition. Companies were going overboard to please the new generation of employees with office lunch, cab pickup and drop, unlimited supply of beverages from the vending machines. Competition was brewing in and the employees started working even harder. Stress had quietly crept in the life of every employee without them noticing it. Dr Suresh V Sharma Best Physician in Gurgaon India

To destress the employees the corporates introduced the concept of `Work Hard Party Harder'. Pubs started to sprout near the offices and sometimes within the offices. Family was getting neglected so by the beginning of this century the females decided to join the fun. Now both the sexes were working and the family life was being lived in the offices. Home became a place just to crash on the bed after a long and tiring day. Mornings simply disappeared and one can only find old people on the morning walk. The younger generation would wake up at 8 am with little time to theirselves and would rush to the office grabbing a sandwitch to eat on the way. Fast food became the new staple diet and the results of this madness are there for everyone to see.

Three decades of neglect towards a healthy living has brought the Indian society to a stage where people in their twenties are dying of cardiac arrest. Almost 10% of the population in their twenties and thirties are diabetic while more than 30% of our youngsters are obese. Talking about the lung function our corporate execs can shout quite well on their mobile phones but when it comes to climbing 5 flights of stairs or running for 1 km more than half would be gasping for breath. 

Unless something drastic is done our young population would start falling like ninepins in the next 10 years says Dr Suresh V Sharma, World Renowned Physician and Surgeon and founder of `Health Through Wisdom'. In the present age of hyperinformation we are being flooded with marketing gimmicks in the garb of `Good Advice'. Unless we start to know our body and the effects of Fast Food, Stressed out Life, Missing Exercise, Adequate Sleep and so many other wrong Lifestyle choices we will not be able to correct the wrongs says Dr Suresh. Our community of doctors backed by the Pharma companies may still prevent you from dying early but cannot guarantee a quality life unless you decide to first educate yourself and then implement the changes in your life. 

Dr Suresh V Sharma talking at Health Through WisdomAt Health Through Wisdom (HTW) we are trying to bring about that change by educating people about their body and how the disease spreads into the organs. It is amazing to see how vehemently people resist these lifestyle changes and are willing to gobble medications but not move on the path of healthy living says Dr Jyoti Arya, Chief Programme Co-ordinator of HTW. People attend the session and are impressed by the message but hardly 25% are willing to follow it as you can see when they come for the subsequent sessions and you see no change in the shape and size of their body. Everybody wants that dream chiseled body but only a few are ready to adopt a lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise which will take them towards that dream. 

Unless we understand that our body can take only this much and not any more we will not be motivated to change says Dr Suresh. I have few years left which I would like to dedicate towards making a small even if insignficant change in the lives of the people who wish to transform. Unless we see more of our youth during the morning walk the signs are ominous. 


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