Curing Diabetes Without Medicine

Can you believe it. Diabetes can be cured without medicines if you follow the path shown by Dr Suresh. Diabetes is a result of wrong choices made right from the beginning of our life. The choices which are mostly made due to ignorance. According to Dr Suresh, wrong diet is the main cause of type 2 diabetes which is most commonly found in human beings. Since birth we are fed cooked food which is not good for our digestive system. The human digestive system has evolved over a period of 4.5 billion years and is designed to cook the raw food which we are supposed to eat all our life. Instead we eat cooked food which renders our digestive system useless. 

When we eat cooked food the enzymes present in the saliva do not get enough time to mix with the food. These enzymes are crucial as they convert the polysaccharides into disaccharides. The cooked food then goes into the stomach and does not require much of the stomach acids for digestion. The food then moves into the small intestine and finally into the large intestine. The entire glucose from the food gets absorbed into the blood in less than 2 hours. This huge amount of glucose requires the pancreas to produce equivalent amount of insulin. Our body normally requires 1-2 K Calories of Glucose every minute. The 600 or so calories present in our blood gets converted into fat which is stored in the cells and the insulin gets wasted. We keep abusing our Pancreas by eating cooked food and gulping syrupy drinks. The Pancreas which would have lasted 400 years if we eat only raw food gives up by the age of 30-35 and the patient is diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. 

Dr Suresh V Sharma one of the most renowned physicians has discovered the virtues of eating raw food by experimenting on his own body. At the age 51 Dr Suresh suffered a massive heart attack and underwent 5 Vessel CABG in New Zealand. In order to prevent a repeat in the future he decided to eat only raw uncooked and unprocessed food. Today at the age of 67 he is free of heart disease and has an enviable health due to eating raw food for the last 16 years.

Every Saturday Dr Suresh talks about the virtues of eating raw food at his Free Seminar under the aegis of `Health Through Wisdom'. He explains how the raw food comprising of all kinds of vegetables and fruits require a lot of chewing thereby making your teeth strong. When you chew for a long time the enzymes in the saliva get sufficient time to get mixed with the food. The raw food consumes all the stomach juices and acid thereby relieving you of acidity from day one.
The raw food takes almost 8-10 hours to get cooked into the stomach and the intestine, thereby releasing glucose at a very slow speed. There is no pressure on the pancreas to produce large amounts of insulin. The slow release of glucose into the blood means that the calories in the food will not get stored in the cells in the form of fat. The energy that we require to cook the food on the gas stove is now going to be taken from the fat stored in the body. By eating raw food the fat starts melting from day one and obese patients can lose 10-15 kgs of body weight in just a month.

The best thing with Dr Suresh's recipe is that you do not have to diet. Rather his principle is that `The More You Eat, The More You Lose'. The Diabetics can get off medicines within 7-10 days of adopting this lifestyle. The Basic Principle behind this is not to consume anything - liquid or solid which has the potential to release quick glucose into the blood stream. So all liquids should be calorie free. The tea should be without sugar or even better to drink it black. Adopting this lifestyle makes you energetic from day one. The patients suffering from Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Obesity - all benefit from this lifestyle. Your household expenses are down by more than 50%. The only loser in this would be the marketing companies who keep dishing out junk food and drinks. Once you realize that staying healthy is not at all expensive, your mad rush for earning more and more comes to a halt and stress levels come down. It is a fight between your taste buds and the rest of your body. The choice is yours. You can attend `Health Through Wisdom' Seminar by Registering Online.

This is one click which has the potential to change your life. 





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