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Joint Pain is one of the most common problem specially in the elderly. Years of neglect of the body results in obesity most common in women but not so uncommon in men in their 50s and 60s. Knee Joints are the worst affected from this torture of handling so much weight over the years. Not even 1% of the Indians do regular exercise to strengthen their hamstrings and quadriceps. The entire body weight comes on the knee joints which in any case are deteriorating due to arthritis. The joint spaces get reduced and deformity starts to set in because of incorrect walking posture. You are at a point of no return. You have already visited several orthopaedic surgeons and have been advised knee replacement surgery. 

You are not able to make up your mind as to whether you should submit yourself to the surgery or keep living in pain. Painkillers now have no effect, you probably have exhausted the option of synovisc injection in the knee which gave you relief for 6-7 months but the pain has now returned. The solution lies with Dr Suresh and his theory of `How to Keep yourself Fit and Disease Free'

In order to solve your problems you must know the root cause. Over the years when you started accumulating fat around the abdomen, hips and buttocks, you started your journey towards illhealth which will make doctors and hospitals an integral part of your remaining life.

This Saturday Dr Suresh will be talking about `Joint and Body Pain - Cause and Remedies' under the aegis of `Health Through Wisdom' at GNH Hospital, Gurgaon from 11 am. Knee Joint Replacement Surgery is simply a patch work and would not remove the root cause of the problem. After attending Dr Suresh's session you should be able to shed those extra kilos which will immediately give relief to those aching joints. Once you are able to move around without pain you will be able to shed more weight and develop strength in your muscles. If you remove the burden of extra weight from your knees they may still be able to work for some more years. Even if you plan to go under the knife for the surgery it is always better to become lighter by several kilos before the surgery. Your surgeon may not recommend this path because he/she may think that you would not be able to achieve this goal. Most of the people who attend Dr Suresh's Free Sessions are able to change their life for good.

For attending the Session of Health Through Wisdom you have to register yourself online. Those who are suffering from Overweight, Diabetes, Hypertension, Joint Pain, Back Pain will benefit from attending this session. For registering Click at the Link Below

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