Vasectomy Reversal Surgery by Vatsyayann Technique

Vatsyayann Technique for Vasectomy Reversal

Dr Suresh Vatsyayann invented the `Dual Purpose Single Suture' technique for Vasectomy Reversal. This technique makes the procedure extremely simple and does away with the requirement of a Microscopic Surgery. The patient recovery is much faster and the patient can resume sexual activity within a week The success rate by this technique is 90% which is significantly higher than the microscopic technique using 4/8 sutures

This technique known all over the world as the `Vatsyayann Technique' was first published in Americal Journal of Men's Health in Sep 2009. Prior to this the surgery for Vasectomy Reversal was done using a microscope in which the Urologists or the Plastic Surgeons would stitch the VAS by giving 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 stitches. Dr Suresh's technique gives only a Single Suture without using the microscope. The Suture used is bio absorbable and gets absorbed within the first week itself. Since there are no sutures the chances of adhesions around the suture are not there. The success rate by the Vatsyayann technique is 90% as compared to 40-60% with the Microscopic Technique. Most of the doctors are now using the Vatsyayann technique for Vasectomy Reversal Surgery.

Vatsyayann Technique for Vasectomy ReversalVatsyayann Technique - The two edges of the vas are placed in close contact and using a Round Body Needle the Suture is placed as shown in the picture. The technique is amazing due to the simplicity and huge benefits that arise for the patient. The surgery is done through a one cm incision and the patient recovery is much faster. The patient can resume all normal activities 2-3 days of the surgery. Semen test is done after one month of the surgery and the presence of sperms would mean that the surgery was successful. The Sutures can be closed by two methods which are shown in the images below. Both the methods are equally good.

Vatsyayann Technique for Vasectomy ReversalVasectomy Reversal Surgery by Vatsyayann Technique


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