Dr Jagmeet Soin to return to India

 Mr. Narendra Kampany - Father of Fibre Optics, British MP Mr Terry Dicks with Dr Jagmeet Soin at Royal Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Renowned Indian Doctor Jagmeet Singh Soin is set to return to India within the next 3 months. Dr Soin who has created a his niche in the field of Preventive Medicine during his 45 years stay in the United States is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and American College of Cardiology. He is US Board Certified specialist in Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine. With large scale installation of high end PET Scanners, Gamma Cameras, the arrival of such a giant in the field of Nuclear Medicine will be of great help to Indian Healthcare. Health Expert Dr (Maj ) Rahul Prashad analyzes the impact of this event on Indian healthcare specially Preventive Cardiology

After passing out from All India Institute of Medical Sciences in the year 1968, Dr Soin went on to pursue higher studies in US and spent better part of the next 45 years serving the American public. Dr Soin did pioneering work in the field of Nuclear Medicine and its usage in the early detection and prevention of Cardiac disease. 

Way back in 1982 Dr Soin organized the First Indo US Radiology Conference at New Delhi and Mumbai where faculty from the US shared their knowledge with Indian doctors about the usage of modern radiological techniques for the diagnosis of complex diseases. Radiology in India during this period was in its infancy.

With all his children well settled in the US, Dr Soin could have quietly retired to enjoy the fruits of a life well lived. When I asked him about the motivation to start a new innings at this age and that too in a country which he left almost half a century back, Dr Soin had an interesting story to tell - `I came to India early this year to enjoy the winters of Gurgaon when my nephew who is just 50 years old mentioned about occasional chest pain. I asked him to get an echocardiogram done which he very reluctantly agreed but kept postponing. I had to finally drag him to the hospital where Echocardiography followed by Coronary Angiogram revealed almost 100% blockage of all the three arteries. He was immediately taken for Bypass surgery which was done by Dr Anil Bhan at Medanta. My nephew`s life was saved but how many such people move around in India due to lack of awareness. I realized that the burden of Cardiac disease in India is going to be humongous if efforts in the field of preventive medicine are not done on a large scale immediately. This was my moment of Homeland calling and I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to this cause'

Mahant Baba Kahan Singh Ji giving his blessings for Gurunanak Hospital at Gurgaon"I discussed the proposal with a friend who introduced me to Mr. Kanwaljit Singh and Mr. Paramjit Singh who own a big scaffolding business in India who shared my vision and agreed to contribute in this mission. This paved the way for my return to India after 45 years in the US", says Dr. Soin

Dr Soin who has trained more than 1200 physicians in preventive cardiology believes that Indian doctors need this training on a large scale so that atleast echocardiography can be done at the smallest centres to diagnose the onset of heart disease at a very early stage.

"100 Medanta sized hospitals will not be sufficient if we do not stop the Heart disease in its tracks says Dr. Soin. The solution lies in increasing in the number of facilities dedicated towards preventive medicine specially preventive cardiology. Today the Indian Healthcare is completely geared towards therapeutic treatment and pays little attention to the prevention due to the scarcity of resources. A very large segment of Indian population is sitting on a ticking bomb which may explode any time. 

Modern Lifestyles, junk food, stressful work environment and living conditions have caused such a havoc on the health of Indian Population that today almost half of the Indian population is on the brink of getting struck by Heart disease right in the middle of their working age. Mr. S.K.Aggarwal of GNG Group who has been instrumental in the return of Dr Soin to India says that he feels proud to have facilitated the return of such a talent to serve the Indian public.

Even at the age of 68 years when most of the people hang their boots, Dr Soin is excited and looking forward to his return to India. His family based in US is fully supportive of him in his mission.


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