Metro Hospital at Jaipur makes big headway into Medical Tourism

medical tourism promoted by metro hospital jaipurMetro Hospital at Jaipur which opened in the year 2012 has put Rajasthan firmly on the Medical Tourism map. The 220 bedded hospital from the Metro Group has made deep inroads into countries of Africa and Middle East to attract International patients to Indian shores. Rajasthan has a rich tradition of tourism and the added lure of low cost medical tourism is adding value to the domestic tourism sector


latest technology at metro hospital jaipurMetro Hospital situated on the Sirsi Road in the Mansarovar locality is attracting International patients in large numbers. Patients from several countries prefer Jaipur over NCR and other towns because of several factors like lower packages for treatment, low cost of guesthouses and travel. Some of the best doctors in India now practice at Jaipur which has always been the hub of Medical due to the presence of one of the most renowned medical schools in the country. A large number of specialists come out of SMS Medical College every year and get associated with the top end hospitals in the private sector. Metro has been a late entrant in this segment but has quickly ramped up the numbers to emerge as one of the biggest recipient of International patients. 

Most of the patients coming to Jaipur are in the fields of Cardiology, Joint Replacement and GI surgery. The cost of treatment at Metro hospital is almost 30-40% cheaper than the comparative hospitals in the New Delhi region. Metro hospital at Jaipur is probably the only hospital in the country which gives all inclusive packages for treatment which also includes the cost of travel from their respective countries to Jaipur, cost of staying at guest houses outside the hospital before and after the hospitalization, food expenses and local travel. The patients coming to Metro Hospital Jaipur know fully in advance their entire cost of the treatment in India with no surprises. Almost all the hospitals in India offer treatment packages which specify only the cost of treatment at the hospital leaving the patient to fend for other expenses which at times could be substantial specially in cases where the patient has to stay for long duration in the country.tourism of rajasthan

Medical tourism has flourished all over the world in those cities or countries which offer other attractions apart from good doctors and hospitals. Rajasthan is the favourite destination for almost all the foreign tourists coming to India and Jaipur is a part of of the golden triangle which also includes Agra. 

Metro group promoted by renowned cardiologist Dr. Purshottam Lal handles the largest number of heart patients through its network of 11 hospitals. The hospital at Jaipur offers the most advanced technology in the field of Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery with its flat panel cathlab backed by fully equipped diagnostic modalities to manage all kinds of heart patients. The joint replacement centre at Metro Hospital Jaipur gets large number of patients for knee and hip joint replacements. 


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