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The National Capital Region of Delhi has witnessed tremendous infrastructure and population growth in recent times. Existing areas like Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Manesar, Rewari have now acquired the shape of well organised and planned townships. Greater Noida today is expected to emerge as one of the largest industrial and education hubs of India. It was planned as an independent city with a railway station and an international airport within itself. The sudden upsurge in the population has led to an increase in demand for basic amenities like education, healthcare facilities, etc.


To cater to this increasing healthcare need of the city, the hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are undergoing a makeover. One such big hospital in the process of getting a new face is Navin Hospital. One of the First Healthcare entrants to the region, Navin Hospital started its operations in the year 1989 at Dadri. The owner, Dr Navin Kumar after completing his medical education started his medical practice with the aim to provide, “high on quality and low on cost treatment”.

With the same vision in mind, the undaunted doctor laid the foundation of another hospital in Greater Noida in 2003. The launch of the first CT-Scan centre in Ghaziabad, President of Association of Physicians of India (Ghaziabad), President of Rotary Club Industrial Town, Dr Navin Kumar has many feathers in his cap. A philanthropist by nature, Dr Navin is also credited to have established an all-girls school in Birpura village which now boasts of 600 students.  


Navin Hospital, Greater Noida is a 100 bedded multispecialty hospital that
provides a comprehensive range of medical services and facilities. The hospital is almost synonymous with
high quality healthcare at reasonable prices in Greater Noida. During a brief interview with Dr Navin, he told us that Navin Hospital was the first hospital in the region to have a well equipped ICU and a 24 hour emergency and trauma service. The blood bank at Navin Hospital, Dadri is the only blood bank that issues blood on request in times of need without having to replenish it. The emergency and trauma centre because of its close proximity to the expressway serves as a nodal point for most of the RTA cases. The hospital has empanelment with almost all the educational institutes in the region along with various corporate houses and TPAs.  

Navin Hospital is now enjoying its web presence through a comprehensive and informative website. The Hospital is now planning to expand its scope of services to a higher level by including latest technology enabling to do high-end surgeries like total knee replacement, total hip replacement, laparoscopic surgeries etc. The Hospital aims to offer the best quality treatment without any significant increase in the price.

The hospital’s website can be accessed at



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