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executive health lounge


India's first executive health lounge will be operational at Gurgaon from August 2014. Based on the lines of Cooper's Clinic at Dallas, EHL promoted by renowned Indian doctor in the United States Dr Jagmeet S Soin will start its operations from 15th August 2014

Dr Jagmeet S Soin passed out from AIIMS in 1967 and went to United States to do MD in Internal Medicine at Tuftsform University, Boston He followed it with Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine from The John Hopkins Medical institutions, Baltimore and spent the next 45 years working in the field of preventive cardiology. He has now decided to utilize his huge experience for the benefit of Indian executives who according to him are in real danger of falling prey to the epidemic of coronary artery disease which has started to spread amongst the Indian population. 

Dr Jagmeet S SoinDr Soin strongly believes that Indian healthcare is completely ignoring the preventive medicine which is the only way of creating a healthy society. According to him the Indian growth story started in early 90's when the economy came out of the hindu rate of growth and jobs were created in large numbers. This resulted in large scale urbanization, rising incomes, long and stressful working conditions. Indians were never a sporting nation and the spread of television took away whatever little physical activity that we were carrying out. The food economy could not keep pace with the rising demand and the rampant use of fertilizers robbed the nutritional value of the food.

This is an attack from all sides and coronary artery disease is striking the Indians at a much lower age. A quick round of the tertiary care hospitals is enough to tell you the story about the `Cardiac Tsunami'. Dr Soin believes that unless large scale preventive measures are taken we will see more than 3 lac people dying every month of Cardiac disease alone which is the number of people killed all over the world in the Tsunami witnessed few years back.

The burden of disease on the top Indian hospitals is so much that it should not be expected from them to enter the field of preventive medicine. Moreover the economics of healthcare depends on treatment of diseases rather than prevention. The idea of EHL is not only to check the health of Indian executives but to create a system for managing good health. The cornerstone of this effort would be first checking the health and then managing it by good and healthy diet, regular and proper exercise which takes care of not only the cardiac disease but also the other important organ systems in the human body. EHL will be providing comprehensive preventive healthcare which will take care of the threats like stress, obesity, depleted energy levels and motivation.Kuldeep Chaudhary

The first centre of EHL is coming up at the MG Road, Gurgaon and will be operational by mid august. There will be atleast 50 EHLs in the next 10 years said Kuldeep Chaudhary, Managing Director of EHL Healthcare. Our first task is to take care of the health of the industry leaders as a lot is riding on them as far as the India story is concerned in the 21st century. Gurgaon has the largest number of industry leaders, top executives and therefore it was the natural choice for the first centre of EHL. We will be filling a huge vacuum as nothing like this exists in India said Mr. Chaudhary.






















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