Rehab Train to open new opportunities for Physiotherapists

Rehabtrain at Gurgaon

Rehab Train which will be the first comprehensive Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Centre will open new avenues for the physical therapists said Dr Jyoti Arya - Country Head for the centre in an interview with Nazneen Saifi

Every year almost 17000 physiotherapists graduate from various colleges in India. The discipline of Rehabilitation and physical therapy has not achieved its full potential and therefore a large number of these therapists find it extremely difficult to get gainful employment. A quick look at the physical therapy departments of large tertiary care hospitals is enough to give you a fair idea about this fact. A 500 bedded hospital does not recruit even 5 physical therapists. On the other hand we see that the physical trainers in the gymnasiums have little knowledge of the human body and the musculo-skeletal system.

Personal trainer in Gurgaon from Rehab TrainRehab Train is entering into the field of good health management through regular and proper exercise under the guidance of physical therapists  says Dr Jyoti Arya, Country Head of Rehab Train who herself is a post graduate in Neuro Physiotherapy.

Rehab Train will open its first centre at GNH Medical Plaza on the MG Road in Gurgaon in August 2014. The centre spread over 3500 sq ft will offer the comprehensive range of services in the field of rehabilitation for pre and post surgery, pain management, stroke and trauma management, pre and post delivery, post joint replacement, post cardiac surgery and for cerebral palsy.


Dr Jyoti Arya of Rehab Train at Gurgaon

The centre will be equipped with all the latest equipments like Laser, Ultrasonic, Short Wave Diathermy, Microwave Diathermy, Interferential therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Muscle Stimulator, Treadmills, Traction, Whole Body Exercise Unit for muscle strength building.

The centre will have a team of more than 50 physical therapists who would be providing personalized physical training at the centre as well as at corporate offices and to individuals within the comforts of their homes. The results will be monitored both in terms of medical as well as physical benefits. Rehab Train plans to open 200 centres all over the country in the coming 10 years says Dr. Arya


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