Kilkari - The New Birthing Boutique in Gurgaon


Kilkari Mother & Child Centre at GurgaonKilkari Mother & Child Centre is the Latest Birthing Boutique in the city of Gurgaon. Health Analyst Dr Harkirat S Soin brings to you a special report

Birth of a child is always a moment of pleasure and happiness not only for the parents but for the entire family. Every person blesses the new born and wishes her a healthy and disease free life. Should a newborn be coming into this world amidst seriously ill patients carrying all kinds of diseases. A moment of happiness cannot be enjoyed amidst the sea of grief and anxiety.  


LDR suite at KilkariAn expecting mother is not a patient. She is not carrying any infections. She is just carrying a bundle of joy, yet to arrive in this world. But people around her are patients who are in the hospital for treatment of one or the other disease. Aren’t we exposing the new born to infections. Aren’t we risking the mother’s health.  If we can have isolated cancer centres then why can’t we have a separate birthing centres.


Kilkari, a chain of mother and child centres is launching its first boutique centre in the heart of Gurgaon on MG Road. Kilkari Mother and Child centre is located at GNH Medical Plaza spread over 8000 sq ft. Kilkari Mother and Child Centre will offer a perfect environment for mother and child care.


Kilkari will have separate birthing centres designed to give a soothing ambiance. Kilkari will be first of its kind centre in Delhi / NCR on the lines of Birthing Boutique Centre in the USA. Anurag Srivastava CEO of the Chain says, “during my stint with various hospitals I always felt that birthing centre should always be separate from the other patient areas. The new born is very susceptible to any kind of infection around her. Kilkari Mother & Child Centres would be a boon for people who REALLY CARE about the safety of their babies and want them to come in this world in a healthy and infection free environment”.

Mr Srivastava plans to open 30  Kilkari birthing centres across the country in the next 10 years. Each Kilkari Mother and Child centre will have a team of experienced gynaecologists and paediatricians. Kilkari would be offering comprehensive maternity packages to the expecting mothers. The packages are created by our experienced gynaecologists and paediatrician taking into account the needs of the pregnant women at each and every step of the pregnancy.

Specific set of exercises during the pregnancy helps in smooth pregnancy and delivery. The importance of the same cannot be undermined. However, we have seen that commuting to a physiotherapy centre during pregnancy becomes cumbersome and hence these exercises get neglected. In the view of this Kilkari has already tied up with Rehab Train the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre at the GNH Plaza where in services of pre and post natal exercises would be provided at the centre and at home as well, says Mr Srivastava. The first centre of the Chain is expected to open on August 15, 2014.  Are we heading for independence from infection risk for the new born. Answer would be there coinciding with the unfurling of the national flag on August 15.








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