How Much Is That Erection Worth

Penile Implant Surgery in India at USD 10000

We are always cagey when talking about the Male Sexual Health. It is easy to have unwanted swollen egoes but more difficult to have even wanted swell in the tool. When the time is right we make wrong choices and ruin our sexual health. Tobacco, Alcohol and Junk Foods are the biggest bane for a strong Libido.


On one side we have the youth who are busy partying as if there is no tomorrow and on the other hand we have Septuagenarians and Octagenarians coming from all parts of the world to India for getting that one last Hurray ! Yes people in their 60s, 70s and even 80s come to India for getting Penile Implant Surgery. So what is the worth of an erection and that too in the old age. You would be amazed that people in their old age are ready to spend as much as 8.5-10 Lacs for getting 6-7 inches of Erection. That is more than 1 Lac per inch of that hardness which at some age we take for granted. Ask the value of this hardness from the 76 year old Mick Knight (name changed) who just spent USD 14000 for getting a Penile Implant Surgery done by Dr Raman Tanwar, Urologist and Andrologist at GNH Hospital Gurgaon.

Dr Raman Tanwar Penile Implant Surgeon in India at GNH HospitalWe have implanted a 3-Piece AMS 700 XT Implant to give him his potency back says Dr Tanwar coming out of the operating room. The implant is going to work for 15-20 years or even more and he can enjoy his sexual life till he desires. Even if Mr. Knight has conjugal bliss 200 times a year for the next 10 years that would be a meagre Rs 500 or USD 8 for each session. That may not be a fortune for an American but for an ordinary Indian that is a huge sum of money says Dr Suresh V Sharma, World Renowned Physician and Expert on Human Health through natural means. Dr Suresh V Sharma Expert in Sexual Health

It is all a matter of valuing what we have from the nature and taking good care of our body every single moment of our life says Dr Suresh. The wrong choices that we make every single day results in degradation of our body much faster than it should have been. A horse's age cannot be determined by looking at its body or libido but only through its teeth so why should a man's age be estimated by looking at the frail body. The truth lies in what we eat all our life and how the wrong choices like Tobacco, Alcohol, Obesity, Stress which result in a host of diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Muscle Dystrophy, Stroke all contribute towards a declining male sexual health. 

In Penile Implant Surgery two plastic pipes are inserted into the penis which are connected to a hydraulic switch placed inside the scrotum. A plastic ball filled with saline is placed inside the abdominal wall. Whenever the person wants to get an erection all he has to do is to press the switch 3-4 times and the saline from the ball fills into the plastic pipes placed inside the penis giving erection to the penis. The person can maintain this erection for as long as desired and when it is not needed simply press the switch again and the penis returns to a flaccid state. The surgery takes around 90 minutes and the patient has to stay at the hospital for just one day. After 5-6 days the doctor examines the site of surgery and the patient can fly back home. Three weeks after the surgery one has to start using the implant for getting erection atleast once a day but restrain from having intercourse. 6 weeks after the surgery the person can use the implant for having sex. AMS gives 10 years warranty on the implant but very rarely does the implant fail.


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