Increasing Breast Cancer in Younger Women

Breast Cancer Screening AwarenessBreast Cancer Cases have been increasing in the Younger Women over the last few years. 25 Years back only 9% of the total breast cancer cases detected were in the women aged less than 40 which has now increased to 20%. This is a more than 100% increase in the incidence of breast cancer in younger women.

Dr Sumita Singh Breast Cancer Specialist in IndiaSo what is the reason for this sudden spurt in breast cancer cases amongst younger women. We decided to talk to Dr Sumita Singh - Breast Cancer Specialist at GNH Hospital Gurgaon. Yes there has been a significant jump in the number of breast cancer cases in women between the age group of 25-40 years. Last year alone we diagnosed 144 breast cancer cases at GNH Hospital alone out of which almost 23% were in women below the age of 40. Infact I was shocked when a 26 year old unmarried girl from Delhi was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 4. She was ER/PR positive and Herceptin Positive. The cancer was so aggressive that inspite of us doing Radical Mastectomy we could not save her. In my more than 25 years of practice I had not seen such a young death due to breast cancer says Dr Singh.

Every day in my OPD I see more than 20 women with breast lump problems. Almost 90% of the breast lumps are benign but in order to save the lives of the remaining 10% we have to take every breast lump seriously. As a protocol we normally do Breast Ultrasound for women below the age of 40 and Mammography for those above 40. There is no clear answer as to why breast cancer cases amongst younger women are on the rise. Different researches all over the world attribute it to several factors like increased exposure to Estrogen like Synthetics being used in all sorts of women care products like cosmetics, shampoos, perfumes. Similarly late child birth, lesser number of children, lesser breastfeeding are also being attributed to this increase in breast cancer incidence. Till the time we find the exact reason the best way to save precious lives is early detection. Self Breast Examination is of the greatest importance followed by consultation with a breast specialist. Any kind of lump felt during self breast examination or discharge from the nipples should not be ignored and one should get the breast examined. Availability of highly sensitive breast ultrasound, Digital Mammography and now even Breast MRI has made the diagnosis of Breast Cancer much easier. If the breast cancer is detected in the 1st or the 2nd stage the 5 year survival is almost 100%. Once Breast Cancer is diagnosed then surgery followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy gives excellent results. Once the breast cancer reaches the lymphnodes then the chances of it spreading to the other organs of the body become very high and even a slight delay can result in metastasis (spread of cancer to other organs) and the prognosis becomes poor.

Dr SP Bhanot Best Cancer Surgeon in IndiaLots of patients are scared of Radical Mastectomy ( a procedure in which entire breast and lymphnodes are removed ). Few months after the surgery once we complete the treatment in terms of either chemotherapy or hormone therapy we can do Breast Reconstruction using Breast Implants says Dr SP Bhanot, Tata Memorial Trained Cancer Surgeon. The results of the surgery would be always better if we get patients in early stages of Breast Cancer rather than in the 3rd or the 4th stage. These days the working women are getting better aware about the risks of Breast Cancer and come forward for Breast Screening. We are now getting more women in the early stages of breast cancer than say 5 years ago. Exclusive Women Hospitals like GNH Hospital where most of the doctors like Breast Surgeon, Radiologist etc are women are also encouraging women to get regular screening not only for Breasts but also other health conditions.

Dr Suresh V Sharma Expert in Cancer DetectionDr Suresh V Sharma is a world renowned authority for his pioneering work in the field of Disease Prevention. 

He is of the opinion that the rising number of Cancer Patients has a big co-relation with Severe Vitamin D Deficiency in almost every single person.  

Breast cancer death rates tend to be higher in areas with low winter sunlight levels and lower in sunny areas. Women regularly exposed to sunlight, and consumers of above-average amounts of vitamin D, have significantly lower incidence rates of breast cancer. Women having Vitamin D  level of less than 15 have a risk of breast cancer 5 times higher than those having Vitamin D in excess of 100. Low Vitamin D levels are also associated with faster progression of metastatic breast cancer. 

Processed foods are laden with so many chemicals which have never been tested for their effect on human health. It is not only the food but all the other articles of personal use like cosmetics, toileteries etc. Cancer is caused by chronic irritation of the cells which results in cell mutation. High levels of pollution and stress cause this chronic irritation which results in cell mutation and finally cancer. Absence of Vitamin D exacerbates this process. 





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