Breast Lump Is A Silent Killer

Breast lump  is very common these days specially in the age of 30-40 .It can be occur in both male and female but mostly it can be seen in woman. Most of these lumps are not harmful. A breast lump is a solid mass inside the breast which can be felt by self examination..Breast lumps in both men and women raise concern for breast cancer even though most of these lumps are ultimately found to be benign.

The majority of breast lumps will turn out to be benign but it is important to identify any cancer lumps as soon as possible to avoid delay in treatment. One must regularly do the Breast Self Examination to detect the first signs of breast lump. There are several ways to go for self examination but the best way to examine would be:

•         Hands on hip

•         Arms in air

•         Lying down


Approximatley 90% of lumps will be identified with this technique and  they can rapidly be categorized as cystic or solid. Benign cysts only need aspiration if they are causing symptoms such as pain or if they have any atypical features on ultrasound. Solid lumps require a needle biopsy to confirm a diagnosis and this can be done immediately under ultrasound guidance.


A mammogram may show a density in the breast which the radiologists can interpret but the lump will still require ultrasound guided needle biopsy to make a confirm diagnosis. In 10 - 15 % of cases a cancer lump will not show up on a mammogram at all.  A normal mammogram report should not mean that further evaluation of the breast lump should not be carried out.


You can detect a breast lump through self-examination or from breast screening by Mammography or Ultrasound.   80% of lumps are harmless but you still need to see a breast specialist  for further evaluation lest you be among the 20% who have cancer. Early detection will ease your mind and potentially save your life.

Common symptoms that occur with breast pain include breast lumps, breast swelling, and nipple discharge. Symptoms that occur with breast pain caused by an infection include skin redness, breast tenderness, and breast swelling. Assessment of breast cancer can be done through the following modalities:



Needle Biopsy

For Malignant Breast Lump the line of treatment is Radical Mastectomy or Modified Radical Mastectomy. Post Surgery either Radiation or Hormone Therapy or Chemotherapy may be used depending upon the type of cancer.

Treatment for Benign Breast Lump

There are several different treatment options for Benign Breast Lumps (Fibroadenomas) ranging from a lumpectomy to radiofrequency ablation, to high-frequency ultrasound ablation. 

There have been cases in which a biopsy has shown a fibroadenoma, but upon removal, there is evidence of both the fibroadenoma and breast cancer, so even with a biopsy, your doctor may recommend removing the fibroadenoma completely.

Fibroadenomas usually appear in women younger than 30, but they can appear in women of any age. They may occur during pregnancy. They are not common in post-menopausal women.

Treatment for breast pain depends on the underlying cause. Treatment for breast pain may include warm compresses, antibiotics, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain. Surgery may be required to remove a breast lump or tumor. In a nursing mother, a breast pump may reduce breast engorgement.



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