Are You Planning For Hip Replacement Surgery !!

If you're in a severe  pain when you walking even  not able to get up from a chair, and you not able to continue with your daily routine activity , then it’s a  condition when  you will be insist  to think  Should I go for Hip replacement surgery?


Hip replacement surgery is a treatment for pain and disability in the hip. The most common condition that results in the need for hip replacement surgery is osteoarthritis.

 People with severe pain due to degenerative joint disease it may be unable to do normal activities that involve bending at the hip, such as walking or sitting, because they are very painful. Hip replacement can be done due to hip fractures. It may be traumatic or may result from a fall. Pain from a fracture is severe and walking or even moving the leg is too difficult. In severe cases medical treatments are not satisfactory at controlling pain due to arthritis, hip replacement surgery would be the effective treatment.

During the  hip replacement procedure, a surgeon removes all the damaged sections of your hip joint and replaces them with constructed of metal, ceramic and very hard plastic.

The goal of hip replacement surgery is to replace the parts of the hip joint that have been damaged and to relieve hip pain that cannot be controlled by other treatments.

Who Needs:  Pereson for hip replacement surgery include people who experience pain that disrupts regular activities. People also receive hip replacements to increase mobility and improve overall quality of life. People also receive hip replacements to increase mobility and improve overall quality of life.

Types of Hip Replacement 

Special bone cement is commonly used to hold hip implants in place, but some surgeons use a cement less fixation technique. There are mainly three types of hip replacement procedures :

Total Hip Replacement : A total hip replacement uses an artificial joint to replace the entire hip structure. Total hip replacements are the most common type of hip replacement surgery.

Partial Hip Replacement : partial hip replacements (hemiarthroplasty) when only one part of a hip needs treatment.  A partial hip replacement typically corrects a hip fracture at the neck of the femur

Hip Resurfacing: A hip resurfacing procedure can delay a total hip replacement in younger patients who are likely to outlive the original implant and require a second surgery later in life. Doctors may also recommend hip resurfacing to improve symptoms of arthritis.

 Types of Implants

Implants are made from a combination of materials, including plastics, ceramics and metals. The primary differences between implants are their size and the material of the components. Hip implant components are made of polyethylene (plastic), metal, ceramic or a combination of the materials.

Most hip implants last for 10 to 15 years, but the devices wear out more quickly if the patient has an active lifestyle. Some implants wear out faster than others, requiring revision surgery to remove, repair or replace the device.

Before  you going to take any decisioin  for hip replacement it is better that you will counsult with the experienced doctor who is having a excellence knowlwdge in the required field.

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