World's Top Penile Implant Surgeons

World's Top Penile Implant Surgeons


Penile Implant Surgery for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction has become quite popular. According to one estimate alteast 300,000 Penile Implant Surgeries are being performed annually. Some of the Surgeons who are doing more than 200 such surgeries per year are featured in this article. The cost of the surgery ranges from USD 3500 to USD 35000 depending on the implant and the country where the surgery is performed

Penile Implant Surgery is the last option for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. When the patient doesn't get erection by using penile pump or medications like Sildinafil ( Viagra ) or Cialis then the last option to restore the sexual health is a Penile Implant Surgery.

Malleable Prosthesis for Penile Implant SurgeryThere are mainly two types of implants that are used in this surgery. Malleable Implants are solid or semi solid rods which are inserted in the corpus cavernosum and the penis always remains erect. This kind of surgery causes some discomfort to the patient due to the constant erection but costs much less in countries like India. The surgical package for Malleable Implant Surgery is only USD 3500 in India says Dr Raman Tanwar, Andrologist at GNH Hospital in India.

The other kind of implant is the 2/3 Piece inflatable implant from companies like AMS, Coloplast etc. This is very close to the natural function of the Penis. You can get erection when you require while the rest of the time the penis stays flaccid. The cost of this kind of surgery ranges from USD 15000 in India to USD 35000 in the USA. Some of the insurance companies in the US cover this surgery and the patients simply have to pay the co-payment which can be 20%.AMS 3 Piece Prosthesis for Penile Implant Surgery

According to Dr Tanwar who does more than 200 such surgeries every year, 80% of our patients come from countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, European Countries, Canada and USA. We do not get many patients from South America or Africa. Either the problem of ED is not so prevalent in those areas or the patients get similar options nearer home. In India the surgery is being done at a handful of centres. Once more urologists learn to perform this surgery then more Indians will also come forward for this solution. India is home to more than 50 million diabetics and the problem of ED is most common in this category of patients. 

In this surgery maximum care has to be taken to prevent any kind of infection to the implant. In order to achieve this the surgery should be performed in modular operation theater with Hepa Filters in the airconditioning system. The Operating Room must be sterlized for atleast 12 hours prior to the surgery. Post surgery precautions must be taken to prevent any kind of hospital acquired infection. 

Implants available for this kind of surgery range between 11 cm - 27 cm. In the malleable implant category the maximum length implant is 25 cm while in the inflatable implant category the maximum length can go upto 27 cm. A lot of people have wrong expectations from this kind of surgery. They think that this is the solution for increasing the length and girth of the penis which it is not. According to Dr Raman Tanwar a lot of centres across the world are guilty for wrongly positioning this surgery. Yes there is some increase in the girth when we use the inflatable implant but this is not the objective of the surgery. In any case the length of the penis has no role to play in sexual pleasure either for the male or the female. 



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