Get your personal fitness training through professionals physiotherapist at Rehab Train in Gurgaon

physiotherapist personal trainer at rehab train gurgaonThe Physiotherapist at Rehab Train will help you to safely and effectively implement a personal fitness training program that helps to improve your fitness, health, or athletic skill level.  Whether you want to lose weight, increase your strength and endurance, or return to sports, we can help.  We will monitor your progress, update your program, and motivate you every step of the way.

At Rehab Train Physiotherapy centre, we do a thorough evaluation of our client’s posture and movements not only in sitting and standing, but also into any difficult position or movement. In this way, we identify if the issue is a mechanical dysfunction (soft tissue lengthening or folding issue), neuromuscular dysfunctions (initiation, strength, or fibre endurance issue), or a motor control problem (they cannot perform the action automatically). We then employ Functional Manual Therapy techniques including fibre specific neuromuscular re-education in order to retrain the client’s brain with the new and efficient motor pattern. We work with you simultaneously to help your cliental achieve efficiency in movement throughout their fitness regimen in order to decrease risk of injury and increase their health and fitness benefits.

As physiotherapist, we are trained to directly correlate an evaluation of the patient’s base of support, alignment, Lumbar Protective Mechanism, weight shift, and weight acceptance to assess the patient’s functional ability. These are the five principles to enhance functional posture and efficiency. By assessing these 5 principles for tasks such as posture in sitting, standing, and during transfers and functional activities required for day-to-day living, we can identify if the client is functionally limited by a mechanical, neuromuscular, or motor control dysfunction.physiotherapist as fitness training in gurgaon at rehab train




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