Old Notions in MIND when it comes to PREGNANCY !! said Dr Nidhi Goel Aggarwal

Dr Nidhi Goel Aggarwal best obstetrics and gynaecologist for normal and c sec cesarean delivery in gurgaon india



Dr Nidhi Aggarwal

MBBS, MS (Obstetrics & Gynaecologist)

GNH Hospital Gurgaon


We have been seeing since many years that family has got lot of misconceptions when it comes to pregnancy. Pregnancy is a happy moment for every female and also for the entire family. I come across lot of females everyday and through them I could hear a lot of things which I never studied in my books or in researches. Sometimes I laugh knowing that people remain ignorant in the entire period of pregnancy. There are a few questions which I am sharing so that this article can help to wash away notions which have been in the mind of females and family.


Few questions which I want to answer:-                                    Dr Nidhi Goel Aggarwal best obstetrics and gynaecologist for normal and c sec cesarean delivery in gurgaon india

Que 1 :- If your first baby was C-Sec / Cesarean than you will have second baby through Cesarean or C-Sec only?

Answer by Dr Nidhi Aggarwal :- Delivery whether Cesarean (C-Sec) or Normal depends upon certain conditions like  cord around baby, weight of baby is more, lie of baby, fluid around the baby, or any other complications. If there are complications than it is obvious doctor will have to go for Cesarean Delivery. And talking about second delivery if it is done after 3 years than there are more chances of normal delivery.   


Que 2 :- Don’t travel during pregnancy?

Answer by Dr Nidhi Aggarwal :- Avoid travelling in first 3 months as chances of abortion increases and last one month of pregnancy as it increases pre term delivery. However, bumpy roads should be avoided throughout pregnancy

Que 3 :- Can we exercise / do household work during pregnancy?

Answer by Dr Nidhi Aggarwal:- We recommend exercises after 4th month of pregnancy but under supervision of qualified physiotherapist.

She can do all household activities from starting of her pregnancy till 9 month. One more thing people say pregnant women should do lot of mopping in order to have normal delivery but it is wrong.

Que 4 :- Sex should be avoided during pregnancy?

Answer by Dr Nidhi Aggarwal :- Sex should be avoided in first three months and last one month of pregnancy. In rest other months partners can have sex in some specific positions

Que 5 :- Eat plenty of fat like Ghee or food rich in fat?

Answer by Dr Nidhi Aggarwal :-  Not at all, instead eat lot of protein rich food and food rich in vitamins & minerals like fruits. Eat less of fat and carbohydrate. Over weight because of excess fat can lead problem to normal delivery

Que 6 :-  Too many USG has bad effect on child and mother?


Answer by Dr Nidhi Aggarwal :- Nope. Ultrasound (USG) rays are not at all harmfull. 4 Ultrasound scanning is necessary in entire span of pregnancy. 1st as soon as urine pregnancy test is positive between 1-2 weeks, 2nd  USG (Level I)  between 11-14 weeks, 3rd USG (Level II) between 18-20 weeks. 4th Growth scan in last month


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