Penile Implant is Not the First Choice for ED

Erectile Dysfunction is more common in the world than people would like to admit. Because of the taboo associated with Sex, people suffering from ED are more likely to go on the internet in search of solutions to their problem rather than going to a qualified Doctor. It is therefore important for those who are qualified to manage ED to put the correct information on the net so that people are not misguided. 

Dr Raman Tanwar Penile Implant Surgeon in India at GNH HospitalThis morning I received an email from an 18 year old asking for Penile Implant Surgery says Dr Raman Tanwar, Chief Andrologist and Urologist at GNH Hospital. More than 90% of the queries that I receive for Penile Implant Surgery from the patients are actually not the right candidates for this surgery. Erectile Dysfunction can have physiological reasons but can also have psychological reasons. When a patient first reports in the OPD we do a comprehensive examination of the patient to find out the underlying reasons. This involves complete physical and psychological evaluation followed by certain blood investigations and radiological investigations like Penile Color Doppler Study. 

Erectile Dysfunction is fairly common in people above the age of 40 and having underlying conditions like Heart Disease, High BP, Diabetes and Obesity. These people mostly have Physiological reasons and are normally treated with medication in the beginning and Penile Implant becomes the choice as the last option. However in people below the age of 40 the reasons are mostly psychological and councelling helps them overcome the condition says Dr Suresh V Sharma Physician at GNH Hospital Gurgaon.Dr Suresh V Sharma Expert in Sexual Health

The irony of the situation is that ED is mostly treated by quacks who hardly have any knowledge about the human body, its organs and their functions. This results in mistreatment and misinformation in the minds of the patients. There are so many over the counter solutions being advertised for regaining male virility that the sane voice of the doctors get drowned in this cacophony. Health Through Wisdom is one such effort by Dr Suresh and GNH Hospital to provide the correct information to the patients about every disease and not only Sexual Diseases. When people understand the reasons of their poor health and are motivated to bring about a change we are there to help them in their journey towards good health. Most of the diseases that we suffer have their genesis in the choices that we make on a daily basis in terms of the food that we eat, physical activity that we engage and the way in which we manage the day to day stress of our lives. Eating unprocessed food and staying as close to nature as possible can reduce the burden of disease to a very significant level concludes Dr Suresh.

Role of Exercise in the treatment of EDReducing Central Obesity and working on abs also gives immense help in overcoming ED specially in patients below 40 years of age says Dr Bhanu Solanki, HOD of Rehab Train at Gurgaon

In patients above the age of 60 years and suffering from Diabetes, High BP etc, Penile Implant Surgery is a good solution. In this surgery an implant is inserted inside the Penis to provide erection. This is a fairly simple surgery for an Andrologist and takes about 45-60 minutes. The patient stays at the hospital for only one day. The cost of the surgery is in the range of 1.5 lacs for Malleable implant and 8.5 Lacs for Inflatable 3 Piece AMS implant. These implants offer lasting solutions for period ranging from 10 years to 25 years.






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