Does Penile Implant Help in Increasing the Length and Girth of Penis

Penile Implant Surgery has now become quite common in India. Patients from all over the world come to India for getting this surgery done because of the huge cost advantage. There are so many misconceptions amongst the patients about this surgery. A lot of queries that come to us for Penile Implant Surgery are not from the patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction but the patients who want the length and girth of the penis increased. The size of the penis is in most of the cases a psychological issue and is the effect of watching porn stars with massive tools. In order to enjoy sex the size does not matter and such patients need proper councelling by an expert.

False Claims about Before and After Penile Implant SurgeryThe size of the penis actually does not increase in either the malleable implant surgery or the inflatable penile implant says Dr Raman Tanwar. There are many doctors and centres who make claims like this as the picture on the left side. Do not get fooled by these claims. In Penile Implant Surgery we place inflatable pipes inside the Corpora Cavernosa. The size of the implant cannot be bigger than the actual size of the Corpora Cavernosum.


During the surgery a good surgeon would be able to choose the right size of the implant. Some of the surgeons are scared and choose a smaller size implant than the size of the Corpora Cavernosum and that results in shrinkage of the penis after the surgery.Dr Raman Tanwar Receiving Best Andrologist in India Award However any good surgeon would be knowing the exact size of the penis during examination in the OPD. In any case every patient who comes for penile implant surgery needs to be carefully evaluated and the surgery is to be done only for the patients who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and not for those who suffer from Smaller Penis Syndrome says Dr Tanwar. 





Dr Suresh V Sharma Expert in Sexual HealthAt GNH Hospital Gurgaon our focus is very clear. We give that solution to the patient which he needs and not which he desires. A very important part of the programme is to clearly explain to the patient what to expect post surgery. Unrealistic expectations are the cause of most of the discontentment amongst the patients post surgery. We spend a lot of time with the patient before the surgery to explain everything in detail says Dr Suresh V Sharma, Director ED Clinic at GNH Hospital Gurgaon. We do not encourage fat grafting inside the penis to make it look thicker as the results are very short lived. The fat gets absorbed and within 3-4 months the penis returns to the normal size. In any case the fat distribution in the penis is not uniform and gives a distorted look to the penis even during the time that the fat remains there. Almost one third of the penis is inside the pelvic area and is not visible.

Dr Bhanu Solanki Fitness Expert at Rehab TrainOne of the best way of increasing the visible length of the penis is reducing the fat in the groin region and focussing on building strong abs and groin muscles. One must be doing whole body exercise atleast 6 days in a week but building strong upper and lower abs should not be missing from your exercise regime says Dr Bhanu Solanki Fitness Expert at Rehab Train Gurgaon.





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