Taxing Syrupy Drinks is No Way to Prevent Diabetes

This morning's Times of India carried a story that the Government of India has formed a committee which includes renowned doctors like Dr Anup Mishra of Fortis Hospital. The committee has recommended to the government that more taxes should be imposed on Syrupy drinks to make them expensive and out of reach of the masses. This is no way to control a Lifestyle disease like Diabetes in a country of 1.25 billion people. Almost 60 million people are presently diabetic in the country and the figure is expected to rise to 100 million by 2025. 

Everybody says that Diseases like Diabetes are caused by Lifestyle Habits but nobody has an idea as to what these habits are. One of the biggest cause of diabetes, hypertension, obesity etc is STRESS. The Aamir Khan Starrer `3 Idiots' raked in more than 300 Crores in Box Office Collections. I don't think that the message given by the movie changed anything on the ground. We have made our Life a RACE. This Race towards excellence causes Stress. The Race begins as early as 5 years. The parents start putting this stress in your innocent mind by telling you `Bade Hokar Kya Banoge'.

Diabetic Engineer BanegaNo parent tells their child to grow up into a healthy happy human being. Careers are evaluated for their potential to earn money. This Race for earning more and more money makes us adopt unhealthy lifestyles leading to a diseased body. We need this money to buy ourselves objects which we hardly need to lead a healthy and happy life. Acquisition of goodies becomes the sole objective of our life and good health is sacrificed for achieving these goals. Sacrificing Sleep, guzzling endless cups of tea and coffee are all okay in the race for grades. Good Grades land you in a good college where the race to reach the top continues as the companies are going to hire those with good grades and not those with good health but average grades. 

Once we are picked up by the top MNC the race continues. Stiff Targets are created and linked to monetary incentives. Burger in one hand, cola in the other and mobile on the ear becomes our life. The effects of all this start showing by the time you are 25 years old. Fat on the body becomes directly proportional to the bank account. Daily exercise was never stressed by the parents so suddenly starting it is not easy. If we want our future generations to stay healthy and disease free then we will have to understand the real essence of human life.

Healthy Diet means eating unprocessed natural uncooked food. Exercising every single day of your life and learning to stay stress free. This is the only way to ward off diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Hypothyroidism and many more. Dr Suresh teaches all this in his Free Seminar under the programme - Health Through Wisdom - HTW. This Seminar is held every Saturday at GNH Hospital Sector-14 Gurgaon. 

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