Pleasure Myths

Human Beings have 5 Basic Needs. These are Air, Food, Water, Sleep, and Sex. Everybody agrees on the first four. It is the fifth need of Sex where there are so many taboos and myths both social and religious. I am not going to touch the religious aspect lest I may be termed blasphemous and hoodlums start burning my effigies.  

So far breathing air is free, everybody gets 6-7 hours of sleep daily, drink water almost as frequently as we eat and are meant to ‘get some’ at least once every week. However this becomes a problem if you don’t have a significant other or aren’t ready to experience high levels of intimacy. This problem has one very easy solution- Masturbation.




Despite everyone thinking about it the word and the activities surrounding it have become a taboo.This has led to all the wrong ideas like masturbation will make you blind. Our country used to be one of the most sexually open, not confuse masturbation with poking your eye out with a pencil. Myths like these are the ones we are here to dispel. This in turn will help you repel fears, and be-cum happy. Pun intended.

First let’s talk about what sex and masturbation are all about. Sex is the art of pleasing another person, while masturbation is the art of pleasing Yourself. Yet they both essentially release the same chemicals, just in different quantities.

During activities that lead to an orgasm our brain releases hormones testosterone and estradiol which are what cause you to start feeling tingles in certain areas. Once an orgasm is reached, a mix of oxytocin and dopamine is released causing our brain’s pleasure centers to be stimulated. Thus you feel a sudden rush of extreme pleasure and lose control while on that high. This feeling intensifies with a number of factors such as: how long you were aroused, how much time you took, even whether or not you were with another person. The sudden release of the intense concoction of hormones may in some cases cause people to cry, so don’t worry if you do. Now let’s talk about what does not happen when you indulge yourself in this world of pleasure.


Myth 1

Masturbation will make you blind.                 

No. Just no. If it did about 78% of the male population and 65% of women would be blind. They aren’t, if you were wondering.

Myth 2

Masturbation will affect your privates, by shrinking things, or loosening them.   

There will be no shrinkage. It will not fall off. What it will do is allow you to build up stamina, if you do it right. As for loosening things, ladies, you must understand that there are muscles down there too. They too stretch, expand, contract and even become stronger. They are called Kegals. While inserting things may stretch you out there are exercises that can strengthen and in time tighten those very muscles. They are called Kegal exercises, and basically consist of squeezing and releasing the muscles you use to stop yourself from peeing. So there is no need to worry.

Myth 3

Masturbation or sex will cause your brain to stop functioning.

Yes. When you orgasm. Other than that activities like this have actually proven to be stress relieving since oxytocin lowers the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. It’s why you feel so satisfied afterwards.  

Myth 4

Masturbation will cause you to lose muscle or leave you unable to build muscle.

If you masturbate right before hitting the gym then yes it may affect your workout as you have just emptied your body of testosterone and this applies to mainly men. Doing so a good 3-5 hours before it will not have any affect. Plus what’s the point of being a hunk if you can’t strut your stuff.

Myth 5

Beating the meat or rubbing the button will affect your sex life.                        

Nope. It can actually help improve your sex life. If you explore yourself more, you can help your partner discover the parts of you that will flip that fiery switch in you.

In fact there are many other benefits to not just pleasure but pleasuring one’s self as well. The hormones released can also be a natural sleep inducer and pain reliever. Yes, it’ll even help with those horrible period cramps. Due to the flush of toxins from the system, it can even lower the risk of prostate cancer (in men) and the risk of a urinary tract infection (in women).

So enough worrying about whether or not you will be causing your body harm, and start indulging in a little guilt-free pleasure.  Go out of or into your room and have fun!


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