Yes Hard Feelings

This is the story of 27 year old Cab Driver Martin from LA, California who was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. He could not afford the cost of the penile implant surgery in the US and his med would not cover it. He got the solution in India and within 10 days his Mojo was back. A Heart Touching Story


Martin was Ecstatic. This was his first kiss in Life. Julia was 2 years senior to him in the school but Martin was extremely popular amongst the girls. At the age of 17 he measured 198 cm and was the top basketball player in the school team. The girls crooned over him but he only had eyes for Julia. After the game where he scored 38 points Julia asked him for a date. Martin was the youngest of the three siblings. One of the elder sister was married while the other was about to be married. Coming from a very humble background, Martin had started doing odd jobs at the age of 15.

He only had 25 bucks in his pocket so he took Julia to Olympic Blvd where Mariscos Jalisco, a Mexican food truck serves No-frills Mexican food offering cold seafood dishes, shucked oysters, cocktails & more. Martin was nervous as this was his first date. After the food they started to walk back to their respective homes holding hands when Julia pulled him into a tight embrace at a dark corner. Their lips met and Martin knew that he had found the love of his life. After 2 years of dating, Julia and Martin rented a one room studio apartment in downtown LA. Martin had dropped out of the school and was now working as a bartender at a night club. The sexual relationship between them was great as both were extremely passionate. Another two years passed, Martin was now a handsome grownup man of 21 years.

One morning Martin realized that he was losing his Mojo. He was not able to get proper erection. Julia told him not to worry as this may be happening because of working late into the night. Every passing day made his condition worse and in six months time he was not able to get it up at all. They started to drift apart and finally Julia moved out. Martin was shattered, he thought of consulting a doctor but the fee of USD 600 was beyond his reach. He changed his job and joined a security firm so that he could work during the day and get proper sleep in the night. 6 Years passed and now Martin was driving a cab for Uber and Lyft making around 3000 grands every month. After paying the Lease on the car and the house he would be left with only 1500 grands. When young couples hired his cab and cuddled together he would squirm in his seat. On Social Media he tried to follow Julia but there was hardly any activity. She had simply disappeared in thin air but Martin could not get her out of his mind. He had her phone number but could never gather the courage to call her.

On July 17th he had this passenger called Mr. Sylvestor hire his cab from the LA International Airport for downtown LA. On the way Mr Sylvestor started talking about his visit to India for a Surgery which costed only USD 14000 while the same would have costed him 35000 grands in the US. On the 30 minute drive Sylvestor was only talking about the price difference between the two countries. How cabs in India would be charging only 3 bucks for the similar kind of journey. Martin could not hold back and narrated his ordeal to the passenger. Sylvestor consoled him and gave him one phone number to call in India. After dropping the passenger Martin parked his car at Grand Central Market and dialled the phone number given by Sylvestor. After several rings the phone was picked up by a sleepy growling voice. The person said hello hello but Martin choked for words. The person at the other end said do you know what time of the night it is. Martin suddenly realized the time zone difference and simply said sorry sir and hung up.

Dr Raman Tanwar Penile Implant Surgeon in India at GNH HospitalLater in the night while lying in his bed after a hard day's work Martin dialled the number again. This time the person at the other end gave a cheerful greeting - `Yes Sir how can I help You'. He identified himself as Dr Raman Tanwar, Andrologist at GNH Hospital. Martin narrated his ordeal to Dr Tanwar and immediately got a very reassuring answer. Within minutes Martin had received an email detailing the entire procedure, its cost and several videos showing how the surgery would be done. The email also contained the procedure for getting medical e-visa for travelling to India. Martin was on top of the world. The cost of the surgery was USD 3500 and tickets to India costed him 1060 bucks. He was left with only 1200 bucks after this. His heart was pounding and he could not wait to board the China East Airlines which would take him to Shanghai from where he would get another flight to New Delhi. There were direct flights available but he chose the cheapest one. The hospital was thoroughly professional and had sent him the picture of Mr. Israr who was supposed to meet him at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The flight landed at 1.30 am in the night and there was Mr Israr waiting for him. He was escorted to the hospital in a nice car. After many years Martin was travelling in a car as a passenger.

Deluxe AC Room at GNH Hospital GurgaonAt the hospital he was ushered into a nice room with a big LED TV. It was already 4 am in the morning and Martin tried to sleep to get over the jet lag. He woke up around 11 am with the arrival of Dr Raman. The surgery was scheduled for the next day but there was a problem. Martin had 8 inch penis and the readily available implants were only 6 inches. Dr Raman told him not to worry as the customized implant would be made available in 2 days time. The surgery finally took place on the third day of his arrival.


Martin was elated to see the bulge in his hospital pyjamas. He was so overcome with emotions that he sent the pic to Julia on whatsapp.

Within minutes he received a phone call on his whatsapp. His hands were trembling as Julia was calling. The first words that Julia spoke were `When are you coming back'. 

As Martin walked out of the LA International Airport Julia was waiting for him. She ran towards him and hugged him tightly. As she felt the hardness between his legs she whispered `Yes Hard Feelings'









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